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Babe Winkleman

Host of "Outdoor Secrets” Television


“I depend on my Ultrec Shooting Sticks on every hunt.  They’re the toughest, quietest sticks I’ve ever used.  The silky-smooth 360 degree pivoting gun support gets me on-target and keeps me there – for total confidence when I squeeze the trigger!”


Colonel Bill Williamson
Fair Chase, Ltd

"I have used many "shooting sticks" from a tree limb, to a monopod, to bipod, to an assortment of tripods. By far the most handy, solid platform is the Pro-Hunter. It doubles as a staff and is far more stable and quickly adjustable than the typical wooden African sticks. The only problem I see with the Pro-Hunter is my PH's and trackers keep wanting them when I finish the hunt. "


Brian W. Utecht

Outfitter/State Director

Cross Trail Outfitters

"This turkey was taken opening day of Missouri spring turkey season. The shot was made at 20 yards with bird running towards decoy the swivel on the Ultrtec shooting sticks made the day as I could keep the tom in my sight while just moving my gun not having to pick up the sticks and reposition Ultrec makes a great product."

Dwaine Starr, PH

Starr & Bodill African Safaris

"While in Africa, I and our clients used the Ultrec Pro-Hunter Tripod shooting sticks with fantastic results. (see the attached photo of my Eastern Cape kudu taken at 108 yards off the Ultrec tri pod with a 50 cal handgun). Upon arrival of all new clients we sighted in their rifles the tripod and adjusted it to the clients comfort level. This adjustment was remembered (from the numbered markings on the legs) and when needed could simply be set back to fit the hunter.

The Ultrec Pro-Hunter shooting sticks are a wonderful tool and much better than what most use to shoot from in Africa ( wooden crossed sticks). The stability is the first point. If a shooter is not stable wounding will result. The adjustability from person to person is the second positive point. The adjustment markings on the legs make it simple to quickly set the tripod to each individual. I also purchased the spotting scope attachment and found this to work perfect and with the spotting scope attached a hunter could still shoot with the scope off to the side.

Overall the shooting sticks with attachment performed very well with many animals taken and zero wounding which is the main concern.

For over 30 days the shooting sticks were abused from being beat around in the back of a landrover to being dragged along the ground while stalking/ crawling after game. It was even used to fend off an attacking ostrich, but that is another story."


Bill Norton

Norton Outfitting, Inc.



"As a guide, I insist that my hunter shoots from shooting sticks whenever possible, this simply the best way to ensure a good shot placement. The rotating V-Head is the best I have used, it is so nice to be able to keep the gun on the animal if he is walking and not have to pick the sticks and reposition every time the animal takes a step. The quick detach system makes it a snap to switch from the V-Head to the Pan Head Mount in seconds, and as you well know, a lot of times it is the seconds that make or break a hunt."


Hector Kitscha

Past President SCICF


"I have hunted Africa for 32 years and have participated in 36 African Safaris. I have always been looking for a practical set of shooting sticks. When Ultrec started making shooting sticks I began using them for my African trips They work great and I will not hunt without them. My hunting guides always want the samples I take in my trips. I used Ultrec Shooting Sticks for all types of hunting; Bear, Turkey, Antelope, Deer, Elk and African Safaris."

Francois de Wet

Sandveld Safaris
South Africa

"This past week I was hunting in the Eastern Cape with an old friend and hunting client, Dorne Clarke from the USA. We were after Bushbuck and Eastern Cape Kudu. Someone that have hunted down there would understand the difficulty in hunting those species which will either be at close range or over long distances. I have just received your newest model shooting sticks and thought this to be the ideal opportunity to try them out. The bushbuck was hunted in in a field with short grass and with the short adjustment on the sticks, he was able to sit down and make a perfect shot over 230 yards. The Kudu was in high brush and with the tall adjustment and sturdiness of the sticks he was able to make a good clean kill at 180 yards standing up. I am afraid that the outfitter I hunted with have laid claim to the shooting sticks and I am now desperately looking for a new pair."

Paul Phelan

South Africa  

"I 'm an African Safari outfitter and Professional Hunter who has been in the Wildlife and hunting business since 1969. Over the years I have used all manner of sticks and things to affect a stable platform from which to shoot accurately. I have been using the telescoping tripod shooting sticks developed by Ultrec Engineered Products, LLC , and ever since that day have used nothing else. They are excellent, and there is no other word for them. There are all sorts of alternatives, but believe me they don't measure up."