Universal Shooting Support-Crossbow

Savage Outdoors

Ultrec’s products will be on display
at the following industry shows:

2025 SCI International Hunters Convention

Booth TBD

Jan. 22-25, 2025



Our product line includes tripods, bipods and monopods. Our Quick-Change™ Sticks allow you to quickly change between a V-bracket and many optional camera/spotting scope mounts. Our Spot-n-Shoot™ model allows you to video tape your own hunt. To view Ultrec's product offerings, please make a selection below.

Pro-Hunter Sticks
Quick-Change ™ Carbon Fiber Sticks Quick-Change™ Pro Sticks
Spot-n-Shoot Sticks Pro-Hunter Sticks
Spot-n-Shoot™ Sticks Multi-Purpose Sportsman's Stand Pro-Hunter™ Sticks
Carbon Fiber Tripod HD with BOA clamp mount Spare-Arm™ Spare Parts & Accessories